April 23, 2009

Cheering last years' Delhi Daredevils.

My two friends Gayatri and Vasudev face a strange predicament. And even though they’re still in junior school, I can empathise with them. My situation isn’t too different from theirs. Apart from never having grown up beyond the junior school years, there’s this not-so-little uniform issue which gets my goat.

It’s like this – Gayatri and Vasu are two very colourful kids, still going by the change in their sports’ uniform colours, you’d think they belong to the rainbow nation school. Red-Blue-Green-Yellow, think they’ve run the gamut, and they’re still only in what, class 3, class 2.

And here I am, only in 1st class, if you take last years’ first IPL Season to be KG A or KG B.

Having lived in Delhi all my life, and mostly happy with that choice, it was a no-brainer, and I settled on the Delhi Daredevils.

Somewhere between the offseason and the IPL pre-season, came the adidas sale, and the daredevils at 50% (also documented here). What do I do? I buy. Not because it was 3D’s Ts, but man, wear red and black, and you’re part of some ancient sports’ cult. Even if you’re not, what the heck.

And then comes this bolt outta the blue: they swap the black for blue. Not on. Now while there is a perfectly stupid logical reason for this, like colourology, numerology, or idiocy-logy, all to win the cup, it’s not on. Here we are, spending part of our beer budget on cricket club Ts, and they do this. What next, Red, blue and black, a ménage a trois?

So here I am cheering last years’ Delhi Daredevils, which in my opinion looked better then, in more ways than one.


straight point said...

old jersey looked better...specially when whole beer budget went into it... ;-)

Naked Cricket said...

shameless team

Q said...

No wonder they were selling for 50%.. there had to be a catch!

cricketanalysisdotcom said...

Old jersey was better, but they still have decent unis compared to almost all the other sides.

sraghuna said...

NC ... make that classes 3 & 4 ... time has this annoying tenedency to move on! ... as for the DDD colours, better blue'n'red than 'black'n'blue(a travesty of 'colourology' or semiotics for that matter!)

Naked Cricket said...

Q, always a catch yeah, but who would have thought, my own team dng this to me.

Naked Cricket said...

Cricketanalysis, they look like the poms, and starting to play like them too.

Collingwood infected them. Get better now that's leaving

Naked Cricket said...

SR, matter of fact, i found out the other day.

black n blue, yeah, that would've been black n BOO!