May 16, 2009

AFRICAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Look who’s coming to you, baby!

Goldyji, from the Beer & Wine shop called – he wanted to send me to South Africa. But for that he wanted me to first send myself to the B&W shop. I didn’t want to send myself anywhere, not at 4pm, on a May Day -but these Kingfisher suits were over, as were the cards, one out of those five were going to turn me into a cheerleader.

I had to go. And look what I picked – a Kingfisher Delhi Daredevils Bat Opener, suddenly I felt like Gaurav Gambhir. The suits felt my pain, and on a second attempt when I didn’t pick SAF, but another opener, they felt duty bound to gift me the Kingfisher Delhi Daredevils Ball Clock. Yeah, it sounds obscene, but it doesn’t look half as bad.

I drove back with a heavy heart, and an even heavier crate of beer. Maybe a Bored Member wasn’t meant to be in South Africa. Who will be the Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) IPL rep – with such thoughts I nearly drove up the wrong tree.

But all wasn’t lost. Maybe for the Knight Riders but not for BCC! - Bored Member Som (of Doosra fame) was going hitch a ride to South Africa. As I write, Som opens his stance for an airhostess at 24,000 feet.

He will soon be in South Africa. And once there he will lock horns with cheerleaders, big Mommas, little miss sunshines, a light tower, a digital scoreboard, the Joburg night scene, Joburg crime scene, lewd African jokes, black magic, white minority reports, and even cricketers whose real names he will take – Yeah, he’s no fake, he’s THE REAL IPL PLAYER.

Eat your heart out, baby!

YES! I want to follow 'Som from South Africa' at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!)


scorpicity said...

I have a lot to ketch'up with these recent developments... Cheers

Naked Cricket said...

Yeah, only then will you past muster-d!