May 18, 2009

I am the Real IPL Player!

I’m really real
I’m not a fake
I’m here in South Africa for Heaven’s sake
Not far away in some banana shake

I am the Real IPL Player
I am!
Not the Fake IPL Player
I am not!

I will take real names
Not any fake names
I’m here in South Africa
Not sitting somewhere far away in Antarctica

I’d love to play cricket in an animal safari
Bowl to some wild cat, sipping on my Campari
Instead I will sing and dance with them
Oh those round a*sed cheerleaders, how I love ‘em!

I am the Real IPL Player
No, no, I’m not the fake
I’m not gonna call him the Sheikh of Tweak
I'll call him Shane, and share with him a steak

I’m loyal to the royals
And with Delhi my blood boils
I’m for Real, I am
I’m not a Fake, I am not

Give me a shot!
It’s gonna get hot
You’ll forget what was it that
Alexander with Porus Fought!

I am!
I am not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Som is the Real IPL Player at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians. Because Som like it hot!

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