May 03, 2009

Fortunate Son.

DK boy, most people who follow cricket on planet earth have little or no memory of your worth. They think of you as a juggler more than a wicketkeeper. Few if any even know that you can bat. I myself had forgotten you could bat. I vaguely recall you once opened the batting, where was it, I cannot tell now; and you acquitted yourself rather well. Then you had to quit. Sometime else you even won a T20 game, yeah, it was India's first T20 in South Africa. Moral of the story DK boy, people attach a huge amount of significance to little games. If you have it made in limited overs cricket, you’re made.

Here you were, with your darling captain standing behind you, having to inhale your fumes throughout that darn good innings. But darn you boy, you threw it away.

DK boy, you’ve had two nifty back-to-back innings, but still both were almost there knocks, neither sealed the deal. This one could have been special. Instead it was the best knock either side, but in a losing cause, who remembers those?

Try and remember this: You don’t always have to keep, if it isn’t your natural calling to hell with it. Let MSD, let Parthiv or whoever likes wearing big gloves do it. If you were good enough to open overseas, and to instil belief in a coach who had little if any, there’s a chance you got something going for you.

Don’t self destruct just when you’re ready to shift in for a win DK boy. Your success could mean very interesting times for Indian cricket. Only with you, you’ll have to try much harder. You are no fortunate son.

Fortunate Son (lyrics by John Fogerty)

Some folks are born made to wave the flag,Ooh, theyre red, white and blue.And when the band plays hail to the chief,Ooh, they point the cannon at you, lord,It aint me, it aint me, I aint no senators son, son.It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no,Yeah!Some folks are born silver spoon in hand,Lord, dont they help themselves, oh.But when the taxman comes to the door,Lord, the house looks like a rummage sale, yes,It aint me, it aint me, I aint no millionaires son, no.It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, no.Some folks inherit star spangled eyes,Ooh, they send you down to war, lord,And when you ask them, how much should we give? Ooh, they only answer more! more! more! yoh,It aint me, it aint me, I aint no military son, son.It aint me, it aint me; I aint no fortunate one, one.It aint me, it aint me, I aint no fortunate one, no no no,It aint me, it aint me, I aint no fortunate son, no no no,


achettup said...

I could probably learn to like DK boy, if his voice cracked and he appealed with something remotely sounding like enthusiasm. Arguably the most demoralizing sight in test cricket is watching Munaf Patel and Dinesh Karthik appeal for a leg before.

Q said...

I still remember his 80 odd, or was it a century? against Pakistan in a test when he was playing as a pure keeper.. he batted at 7 and knocked a stupendous knock.. knew he had promise then.. somewhere he fell away.. but today's innings - wow!

rs said...

He played well for most of the innings. But the minute warner was gone, he played as if he had to get all the runs in the one over (even after the badri reprieve).

Naked Cricket said...

A, but he loves the sound of his voice

Also suspect he's a very self-absorbed sob (was he bowling and keeping, he'd appeal), knows too much english, has the wrong right accent (smg dug into him for that, imagine)

dare i say he's from the south of the north, and worse still south of the west

this guy's got it not-made

Naked Cricket said...

Q, a while back when SRT, RD and SCG, all 3 were off the boil, and frozen to the crease, this kid DK's footwork was worth watching. Looked good cmg down to spinners, cutting in the crease and sweeping too.

And look now what's happened to him - could it be GC again

Naked Cricket said...

rs, brain freeze twice over. even before badri's reprieve he tried 2 play one of those ugly half sweeps, recall a similar shot got him in a previous innings.

sure it's pressure, but dk looks like he goes outta the way to self destruct. wonder what msd's chirp was

namya said...

thot he lost it completely in SL agst Mendis with his batting and his keeping there was more in the league of fly swatting..

Maybe we can still expect some role for him in Indian cricket after yesterdays innings

Naked Cricket said...

namya, dk and the self destruct button are never far from each other. and if he doesn't press it, indian cricket will always help out.

Can't say what impact y'day's innings will have, was in a lost cause. He'll need match winning innings and loads of them for Indian cricke to take notice.

Also, DD isn't a team that catches the public's imagination - no glam stars.

straight point said...

i have seen sachin play far worse shots to get out when he was of DKs age...

if only DKs, Rainas, Rohit discover the joy of finishing the game...we will see more 'citi moment of success' in time to come... :)

Naked Cricket said...

sp, dk n co will always be compared to srt, rd, vvs, that is the price they have to pay for playing when they do.