May 02, 2009

An IPL makeover

Don’t know what it is, but I tend to spend time with the Delhi Daredevils. Here I was again at the adidas store, checking out the new colours, new prices, and this new customised name scheme. So if your name is Vinnie Dildo and you’re a bit wary supporting your own team, no worries – you can buy a customised Daredevils team jersey with your name, just where Viru or Gauti have theirs. That will be 2000 bucks please.

In walked an 8-9 year old kid (and no I’m not a fake adidas store player) with his daddy in tow, who appeared to have broken a limb. Can’t say whether he acted in a play, and someone told him to break a leg.

Anyway, when the two were at the counter, paying up, noticed they’d both picked a Daredevil team jersey (team jersey, why call it that?) and I had to ask if they were name customised, which they were.

And I had to ask the kid, who his favourite player was? The specky little kid, in his Daredevil cap looked me in the eye and said: Virender Sehwag. And I agreed, yeah, me too, me too.

Somewhere around lurked a guy in a Deccan Chargers t-shirt overhearing us. Spies everywhere I tell you. Could he be a new fake ipl player in the making?

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Q said...

Why dont we have these stores here in Dubai? Anywhere I can buy this stuff online?

Naked Cricket said...

Q, you could chk the adidas, nike, puma, reebok sites, or the franchise sites.