July 30, 2009

From Flintoff to Afridi, how many degrees is that?

The third Ashes test starts Thursday, but then again, it could refuse to start. Like Flintoff’s body could refuse to start – that would be a story. But other than that there is nothing. Over the last week since England won Lord’s, the Ashes became a Champagne Supernova. Flintoff meanwhile, became a very rare vintage Champange Supernova, that was on.

But still, even Flintoff can’t take you through a week – so KP collapsed like Pakistan, and when we were done with him and the IPL and ECB and seven degrees of separation – that you and I were responsible for KP’s foot, my foot! - then came in Bell boy. How Bell boy sustained the English media is baffling. It’s the equivalent of Kaif in the limelight. Some things are not done. And when Bell boy was wrung out, it rained at Edgbaston.

The ground staff could be the only ones on the ground. What does that leave you with – a one-day international in Dambulla, Sri Lanka. Who knows, maybe it will rain there too, and we’ll all get what we want – another twenty20 game. In that case, will Shahid Afridi captain?


Som said...

NC, Flintoff 'sleeping with' NASA technology and still they insist cricket is not rocket science!

Naked Cricket said...

Som obervation that