August 01, 2009

Extras more influential than Younis Khan.

Pakistan has not collapsed, they’ve just stumbled along the way. Almost like tripping yourself. How do you that – watch Pakistan bat 50 overs, 30 too many by far.

So here we are 144/9, and the Extras at 26 (b 4, lb 4, w 18) captaining the team. Next highest is the captain for post match communication, 23 (73).

As expected, the Strike Rate of Extras is 100 - research unavailable to prove if 2 or more leg byes were taken on a single delivery. If so, the strike rate of extras would be in excess of 100.

Compare that to poor Younis’, a princely 31.50. Misbah gone, MoYo gone, it’s only ODIs, so how long will it take Younis to go?

It’s one thing to unite a team, but what good is a united team if they still don’t score?

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