August 31, 2009

Freddie's song: I may not play again!

I’ve been a fool
I played too much
I even played with a crutch
I’ve been a fool
A real big fool
I may not play again
Oh Ho! It feels so bad
But in a way I’m kinda glad
There will be no more farewells
There will be no more stairwells
I’ll just take the easy way out
Hop on the escalator
Jump into the elevator

But what use is that
I want to play again
I really do
I might sound confused
But that’s ‘cause I am
Oh Ho! It feels so bad
I may not play again
Not at the highest level
At least I can go out and revel
In the I P L
Four overs I can bowl
It’s not like walking on coal
MSD is a cool guy
I’m gonna bring him a big fat pie

Oh ho! I feel kinda better now
We won the Ashes and I was there
Not in full but with a tear
Still I was an inspiration
Now am gonna get me a drink
A big lad like me gets thirsty
Oh Ho! At least I’m gonna drink again!


straight point said...

sachin has given all fragile bodies reason to play about winning worldcup so that boards will think twice before not selecting you...

freddy too should thank sachin!

Naked Cricket said...

And yet Dravid will never talk of winning the Cup. Losing it once must be enough

namya said...

nice one NC :)

Christopher Poshin David said...

So sad...........

Nice lines...

Naked Cricket said...

Thanks Namya and Chris

Cricket Bats said...

Thank that made me smile. But seriously the test game will not be the same without Freddie, not the best cricketer in the world but no one in the world tries harder!