September 02, 2009

Amit Mishra on silly TV

Question: Do you feel threatened by Ojha? - He’s a different type of bowler, left arm spinner… and then talk of Mishra the batsman, you have a reputation in first class cricket but haven’t done much in internationals? Boss, if you were last man in, don’t think you’d do much either.

Then the masterstroke, you’ve achieved so much - Just now I have a lot to achieve, when I do what I have in mind, I will tell you.

It wasn’t a man of the match interview, but as always Mishra had bite, not just with the ball, but with his bole.

There was talk of the Masters, Kumble and Bhajji, and Mishra was smart enough to talk of Bhajji as a great bowler, or something on those lines. Around that time I lost interest in the show, but it was almost over.

On BCC! - Amit Mishra: Lost and Found

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