September 09, 2009

One day Trott will play.

England will have lost the one-day series by then. 7-0, barring rain or Ponting’s helping hand. Trott will be better off at Warwickshire with the freewheeling Sreesanth.

England can wait, soon Trott will be an accomplished test and county cricketer on the wrong side of 30. It’s only teams like South Africa, India and Sri Lanka who rush in test stars like Duminy, Dravid and Samarweera to play one day cricket.

When contacted the ECB claimed Trott was not interested in the IPL.


Prafs said...

one day trott will play,
but today is just not his day.
we'll stick to colly come what may,

seems to be ecb's slogan.
poor kid also got tackled by the nervous tangle named shah

Anonymous said...

LOL ... I am just in the process of writing a blog post on a similar vein ... not that I mind Trott not being there, Aussie as I am, but it is a good point.

How about Phil Mustard, when will we see some more of him? And how about some good older players who barely got a chance in years past when they should have? Like Mal Loye?

In Australia we have the complaint that selectors favour NSW players. I suspect Manou is not keeping for the ODI series because we have Callum Ferguson and heaven forbid we let two South Australians play at once!

Australia stuck with largely the same team for years but it's ok when you're winning everything. Of course, they all retire eventually ...

Naked Cricket said...

Very good Prafs
you know all about the ecb's gaffes

Shah's a freak, they gotta let him freak out

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Sid,
Mumbai used to be to Indian cricket what NSW is to you guys.

Reckon Mustard's too aggressive for England. And if Sehwag can get hair on his head, Mal Loye still got a chance.