September 10, 2009

Saurav to open with Sachin again.

As Sachin prepared to stage a one-day comeback, Sehwag’s shoulder got stage fright.

Next Saurav spoke of a Ranji return, elsewhere Gambhir felt his groin go.

Of course this is factually incorrect, but we must continue to believe in these untruths – they’re about the alignment of Sachin and Saurav’s one-day worlds.

These worlds cast a shadow on any other opening partnerships. Is it any wonder, Sehwag-Gambhir do not open when Sachin is available.

I believe if you went up to Sachin, and wangled an interview with his gracious heart, it would articulate in the same vein – ‘I’d love to open with Saurav’. And then you can’t argue with those one-day runs they scored.

You can if you want to, make Dinesh Karthik open with Virat Kohli. It’s only a one-day game, let the kids have some fun.

On Bored: Gambhir refuses to play without Sehwag


Som said...

NC, spot on! I had more or less a similar gut feeling. Expecting Tendulkar saying he would love to open with Ganguly. You know when Tendulkar speaks, the universe listens and acts to that effect. I'm hoping Kumble returning to the squad, pushing the Rainas, Rohits, Ojhas and sundry out.

Naked Cricket said...

Som, if viru and gg can't make the ct, guess who'll be gatecrashing