November 03, 2009

Chittagong! Bang! Bang!

There are scorecards, and there are scorecards, and then there is this scorecard:

Zim 44 all out in 24.5 overs. Bang 49/4 in 11.5.

When the abridged version became even more abridged it was called T20. But what about a one-dayer that lasts less than 37 overs with less than 100 runs scored.

I think it’s refreshing. A top score of 23, a low score of 0, 5 of them in all.

And the Shakibbing continues, knocked 3 down, he did.

But what do you care. Forget it, Jake. It’s Chittagong.


Purna said...

I CARE! I was proud of their bowling. Their batting on the other hand...!!!

Naked Cricket said...

Hi Purna, never a dull moment with Bangla.