November 03, 2009

Side effects of too much cricket.

Sport psychologists call it the Oslo Syndrome – long after a seven match series takes players' hostage, they crave to relive the lows, injuries, defeats, humiliations. And even though many Aussie cricketers have returned home, the next few weeks could see them sleep walk to an imaginary Feroz Shah Kotla.

No laughing matter, psychologists suspect fans, journalists, even bloggers can fall prey to this vicious syndrome. It’s finally down to how many overs we watch – over 500 overs puts us in the same risky-category as key players, MS Dhoni and Ricky Ponting while 250 overs reduces our risk to a benched Amit Mishra or Munaf Patel.

However, if we stay clear of the cricket, our risk will be the same as the administrators.

Side effects of the Oslo Syndrome: A calm MS Dhoni loses it with a rookie bowler in the nets at the Kotla. You can watch the video on Bored.


Christopher Poshin David said...

And still the Aussie team gives India a hard time.

My time at castrol cricket with Harsha Bhogle.

Som said...

NC, familiarity breeds contempt and children. I have started treating MSD and Co with contempt and consider Punter and Co children of our own country.

Sujith said...

What's the take on today's game ?

Francois said...

Very funny! After so long when the two never played each other, now they seem to play each other every three weeks.

Bhaskar Khaund said...

Surely not NC ?! :-)

scorpicity said...

The medical tourism department of India failed to cache in. Pity.