November 07, 2009

The effects of a ton by Tendulkar.

If you played yesterday, chances are you hit the ball further. But first, you would have wanted to play yesterday – to feel your back ache, your legs throb, your hands grip the bat, an adidas bat.

There have been far too many ace one day innings, those that change tides, set up wins, win games. How many do you remember? And why will you not forget Sachin’s 175?

The trappings went beyond cricket. There was a landscape of a cricketer’s life entwined with our warped mindscape, how we defined the kid and now the grandfather, the pot shots, the hot shots over the last twenty, everything Sachin, all put into the mixi with us, shaken, stirred, served.

We were part of the serving. You cannot help but feel for yourself. Sachin’s 175 was as much about him as it was us – and in it, for some reason, I hear Roger Water’s sing Watching TV

She's everybody's sister
She's a symbolic of our failure
She's the one in fifty million
Who can help us to be free
Because she died on TV
And I grieve for my sister

If you think some, maybe you hear a song, a scene, a bit of life that moves you.

Yeah, that’s what it was, a very intimate innings. Signed like Cohen would in one of his songs, sincerely L Cohen.

It was a romance but a tragic one at that. And you know, there are no better ones than that.

Thank You Sachin.

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Bhaskar Khaund said...

Great write yet again , NC...too true


Naked Cricket said...

Many thanks B Khaund.
N Cricket