November 26, 2009

How long does it take to Freesanth Sreeesanth

If I was King, Sreesanth would have played the first test at Motera. But allocation of India caps don’t work that way. Ishant Sharma had to play that first test, so we could be doubly sure he’s running on empty. In a way, Sree lucked out by not playing that first test, but who knows, maybe he would have breathed life into Motera too.

I can’t help thinking what Ishnat would’ve done in Kanpur, or for that matter, what has Zaheer done? Is Zaheer even 90%?

My mind goes back to the last test series in Australia, how many games did it take for India to play Sehwag? How many games will it take for India to not play Bhajji?

Why are we calling the best eleven sitting in front of TVs, when people paid to, refuse to see the light.

Sreesanth was born again as Freesanth
at Bored Cricket Crazy Indians. Not today after his five for, but when the world thought he was dead.


scorpicity said...

You kept your faith and called it right... Great.

Naked Cricket said...

Cheers man