November 28, 2009

Sacrificial Goats.

Pakistan’s first three batsmen in batting order are Khurram Manzoor, Imran Farhat and Fawad Alam. Bet you’ve been following their careers all your life. Khurram and Fawad have played 9 tests between them, both made their debut this summer.

Imran Farhat has played 28 tests across 8 years. After Afridi, he’s the first proper T20 batsman to play test cricket.

In 6 test innings in the Dunedin test, these three batsmen had a bumper harvest of 67 runs between them.

In the absence of Younis Khan, none of the so called seniors cared to bat up the order. Instead they were scattered all over the place, waiting for the older ball.

Captain MoYo at four. Former captain Malik at six after that nineteen year old kid on debut, Umar Akmal.

Wait and watch, if Mohammad Aamer shows any more promise as a batsman, he could be earn himself a double promotion.

In the meantime, MoYo will lead from the middle.

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pRAFs said...

The story of most subcontinental teams, innit NC.
India only stopped feeding the new kids to the lions after the Delhi Dostana arrived.

wonder what it's like to have a middle order full of ex-captains?
one morning you turn up at a team meeting and forget whether its you or the other guy that's supposed to adress the team

Rishabh said...

Aamer is more like Mitch. Some years ago, Irfan Pathan too used to be like this. Now he is better as a batsman than a bowler.

As far as YoYo...I mean MoYo is concerned, he needs to lead from the third front(1 down) if not from front, rather than coming down when the team is under pressure.

scorpicity said...

The old hands need a wedgie, The 19 year old shows a lot of promise. I have not watched him yet.

Naked Cricket said...

Prafs, and the Dostana clicked thanks to their chemistry as much as their batting skills. For me, the vibe between openers is the key. Imagine if we had couples opening: Mr Mr.

Frankly, most of them don't look as if they'd care to address anybody, exception being Younis off late.

Naked Cricket said...

Risabh, Aamer's still very young, but you can tell he's one of those kids who was born to play cricket

Shame about MoYo not stepping up, he has the game, just don't know if he's all there yet.

Naked Cricket said...

Scorpi, he's damn good. Can rip into the bowling like nothing, and he hits straight. In spite of that, they don't always pick him - left out in an earlier game which Pak lost then he returned.