November 17, 2009

Not that funny.

Rahul Dravid made 177 test runs in a day. You find that funny, laugh. When last did Dravid make so many test runs in a day? Oh, just yesterday. Yeah right, after yesterday’s innings it looks like Dravid makes them all the time.

For some strange reason I’m thinking of Wasim Jaffer. Not entirely because of the egg ad conversations, but because of this Jaffer-Dravid p'ship at the Kotla.

Jaffer was hitting it like Dravid. For some reason it was tough to tell who was who – Jaffer was playing like he had turned up for a Ranji game. Even I was impressed. That when I knew he was at best stopgap, and this was possibly the last time I’d watch Jaffer at the Kotla. But he was smoking.

Back to Dravid. He had his cigar. And even though it’s more than four years, I lit up too.

But it wasn’t to blow smoke on any selectors, it was plain damn indulgence. When was the last time we said that about a Rahul Dravid innings? Yesterday. And hopefully today.

And if not, it’s still okay – because no matter how many runs you make Rahul, I’m still curious, what are you to Indian cricket – not as a batsman or a slip fielder, but as cricketing impact?

Yesterday we saw Sachin’s impact, c'mon place some cards on the table. It’s all about 2011. How many runs will it take to make you talk, 320? I'm waiting, but you shouldn't.

On Bored: Rahul Dravid's unnatural innings


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scorpicity said...

He and Tendlay signed up with the devil. Too many unnatural coincidences and then thrown in the one who signed up first Ganguly with his 170 odd. He threw his card first and these two choose to throw their card in the fag end of their careers. Nice.

Fab 4 are evil.