November 15, 2009

You're the (messiah and the mistress)

You’re the messiah and the mistress
You’re the Brutus cut
And the brute that felled Caesar
And all at once Caesar
You’re a tattoo across that man’s chest
And the woman’s breast alongside him
You’re the reason they watch TV

But I cannot stand to see you open
And I can’t stand to see you close
I cannot stand to see you slow
And I can’t stand to see you go
I cannot stand to hear the hype
And I can’t stand to hear the tripe

You’re a B&W TV memory
Of me running to tell my sick mother
Of you running down to Qadir
“This crazy kid's gone nuts!”
And ever since
She’s been nuts about you

And that was the only time I watched
You and cricket with my brother
You’re the kid brother I never had.

Kid, change those milestones into stones.

(The first four lines came four days back, this Tendulkar20 Business can sure put you off)


straight point said...

the heading say it all for me...

another cracker from you NC...

scorpicity said...

Thankfully... am so caught up in my own world, I have not watched any news in the last 9 months. Am pretty sure it will cure anything. I have been saved.

BTW, Kickass cartoon strip on bored. That's one job they blowed early hard.

Anonymous said...

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