December 24, 2009

Bond was born in the wrong time zone.

A few hours west, and imagine where Bond might have been – Sydney. Playing for New South Wales, McGrath as mentor. Instead, one went Delhi Daredevils, the other Delhi Giants. Does anyone know who the Delhi Giants were? They were Bond’s ICL, for loss of a better word, squad.

Shane was born with a grimace. He bowled with a grimace, even celebrated his wickets with a grimace. Each delivery was an effort ball. The eyes would squint, as if the sun hurt; he was meant for pyjama cricket.

That he returned to test cricket was a gentle reminder of our loss, what could have been – on his day, and they were few and far between, I have seen him rip through India’s heart, surgeonlike. Most days though, it was Bond who was under the surgeon’s knife.

Abrupt yes, but I’ll stop now. This is for Shane Bond after all.

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