December 22, 2009

Mind your Tendulkar 100 making business.

Today’s Tendulkar 100 business was funny, like the Tendulkar 20 business a few weeks ago. He’s within striking distance of a 100, in the 80s, and who do we have - Sunny and Shastri marching into the box. This is when they can’t help themselves, especially Sunny – he’s such a record player.

So what does Dinesh Karthik do, block? Earn some brownie points with Sachin and Sunny and Shastri? Never mind, nobody will remember his cameo, but what a noble gesture, putting individual above team, or is it Him above self?

By now you would have seen more than a few guys block away for the greater good of a century – and Sachin will have that cherubic grin after each block – it almost makes it worthwhile.

After all, the match was nearly won. But what is nearly – Malinga was bowling yorkers on call. And far flung as it may sound, seven wickets can fall off seven yorkers.

So what does DKNY do – he struts his stuff, six over mid on, four down fine leg, game over; Sachin 96 not out.

I’m quite happy, but what about Sunny and Shastri; and the folks, they’re upset too, why couldn’t Karthik just let Sachin score a hundred? At least you can’t blame Dravid for declaring on him.

On Bored: MSD vs. Sehwag


Bhaskar Khaund said...

Just Bored on this :-)

Som said...

NC, that Dravid declaration bit was too good. You think DK would have been handed a life-ban for that six and four that denied Tendulkar century had MSD not been cooling his heels?

Purna said...

NC, did you see this picture on Cricinfo?;page=1

I think DK is banned from thanking Saching, ever.

pRAFs said...

lolz, Purna..
now he wont even be substituting or carrying drinks for anyone

Naked Cricket said...

BK, that was funny, man. But then DK is a funny man.

Som, he would have been flogged within an inch of life, and then shown highlights of every Sachin century.

Purna, that picture made my day, not Sachin's obviously. Saw it here first (honestly cricinfo)

Prafs, he'll carry the weight of this innings

Anonymous said...

Good pick up Purna, haha.

harry said...

A picture is a worth a thousand words!! Said it all.
Am sick of Sunny n Shastri's commentary, so predictable and humourless. And they are worse than MNS of Raj Thackrey when it comes to defending the marathi maanoos.And here is a gem from Sunny singing paeans of the greatest batsman while commenting yesterday when DK fell between Sachin's legs while fielding: "It looks like as if Dinesh Karthik is paying obeisance to Sachin Tendulkar." (I think he has learnt this word - obeisance- recently!! He has been using it frequently) Yeah , yeah!! DK hit it out of the ground, so much for obeisance!!! :-)

Naked Cricket said...

Let it all out Harry!

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