December 16, 2009

Prince of referrals.

After a long drawn out fish lunch, I dipped into the England South Africa test match. Just my luck, Ashwell Prince was batting, if you can call it that. To me he was the cricketer formerly known as Prince, long retired.

I didn’t think Prince was still playing internationals. Next thing you know McKenzie will be back, after tinkering with the toilet seat. Anyway South Africa last played a test match in the ice age, so it’s tough to tell which ones made it to global warming.

So here I am nodding off, half watching Prince play. There’s Amla at the other end, flowing drives, beard et al, but I just can’t keep awake.

Then an Onions’ delivery raps Prince on the pads – Onions appeals – finger raised. A constipated Prince looks at Amla – should I try an appeal or a crap?

The referral happens. I’m awake again. Not a no ball, pitched in line, hit in line, but going over the stumps. Not out.

That’s all ok, but this is curious business, this referral system – I’d like to see players use it more adventurously. Like say, when clean bowled – question the decision, ask for a referral.

It may be pitching in line, hitting the stumps, but it can still be a no ball. Let’s push the limits of idiocy.

My guess is that KP will ask for the first bowled dismissal to be referred.

Naturally it will be after playing a reverse sweep to a fast bowler.

And for a fleeting moment, English cricket will feel like it was part of the Stanford millions, the IPL; but we all know how it will end.

On Bored: Extra KP!


straight point said...

there should also be a referral system against sending bhajji ahead of kohli and jadeja... the demoted player should refer it to the selectors sitting in vip boxes munching freebies...

Naked Cricket said...

What do you know, it was referred at Nagpur; must have been a low blow for Bhajji to bat after Jaddu tho.