December 19, 2009

The highpoint.

When Mendis walks in to bat @7down, you know you have a chance in hell, and Nagpur. But I also like to watch Mendis bat; he’s another one of those zeroes’ batsmen that I follow – will he get another duck?

He’s almost on par with Yusuf Pathan when it comes to ducks, and he’s almost as flam. He doesn’t chew gum, he chews his sleeves – that’s why those little sleeves, buster.

First ball short of length he didn’t make contact, whizzed past over the stumps; then another one, that zipped past outside off, naturally he didn’t touch it.

There was one delivery that danced in his pads, and allowed him the luxury of a leg bye. But now I see that Mendis actually made 2 runs of 4 deliveries.

Strikes me that I’ve edited Mendis’ 2 runs. How judgemental of me.

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