January 24, 2010

For Murali Vijay.

This will be the first test that Murali Vijay will play with Gautam Gambhir. The two tests before this, Vijay played thanks to Gambhir’s elbow and sister. Also, those two tests Vijay opened the batting with Sehwag. This time, Vijay will bat in the middle order, unless of course Gambhir does him another favour.

Usually there’s this slotting of players – opener will only open, and if a middle order slot is vacant (as with VVS’ finger going AWOL) then a middle order player takes over – here it could’ve meant either Rohit Sharma or Dinesh Karthik being given a shot. Thankfully not so.

Vijay, now here’s what you do: If you make it to 87, as you did last month in Mumbai, try not to play across, go straight for that 100.

On Bored: Look (M Vijay again)


raj said...

He NC, if you dont do a post on Mishy's omission desptie a 50 and several wickets, who will?
Is this the first case of blatant, brazen favouritism and bias by Dhoni?

Naked Cricket said...

I hear you Raj. And by now you've read me too. But this calls for another one here.