January 20, 2010

Gambhir, Gambhir, Gambhir, Gambhir, Gambhir

In case you’re wondering, that’s for the five consecutive hundreds by Gambhir, Gambhir…he sure likes to repeat himself. Is it the stammer, the stutter? Say what you will of Gambhir, Gambhir..he is one player who could be off the boil one innings, next one he’s ready to fry an egg on his bat – the feet are moving, and so his mind. Usually when Gambhir’s feet move, his world falls into place.

Er..do you think Gambhir’s warranted a repeat? I’m torn on that. After all, it was Gambhir, Gambhir…that scored those five consecutive hundreds; but arguably these five are also Gambhir’s – aren’t they?

For me, there is a definite plan with Gambhir’s ascent to the Daredevil’s captaincy. Only 28, a sure-shot in all forms, where can Gambhir, Gambhir… go from here? I won’t put it beyond Sehwag along with Gambhir, Gambhir… chalking out some plans here.

The nucleus of the present team is Delhi; top three batsman, tallest bowler, second tallest bowler, and second choice spinning allroudner, all Delhi. Then there’s Karthik, not quite Delhi, but a Daredevil alright. Where am I going with this?

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