March 18, 2010


If Sachin played for Pakistan, I know where Mother's loyalties would be - and if Pakistan played India, the logic would be, he’s the only Indian in the Pak team, he needs our support. I’m tempted to think, that even if I was in that Indian team, it would be a case of split loyalties – and what if I bowled to Sachin, fierce and fast, what then – possibly, let it be a maiden, an over well bowled, let me get 9 wickets, but Sachin, can’t he stay not-out?

And that is only in the make-believe team of Sachin’s Pakistan. Here what we have is Sachin’s Mumbai Indians playing someone’s Delhi Daredevils. We are Delhi-ites, Dilliwallahs, locals – I’ve always been one, the folks, they’ve been for their adult life.

But with such irrational behaviour, can you call them adults – today morning, reading the team ranks to father, she declared – "Sachin’s team has won both their games…they have the best run-rate."

After hurling some morning breath abuse on to the Daredevils, their nomadic bastardly ways, I proceeded to build a verbal diagram of my latest IPL convictions. The Mumbai Indians Indianness in the top 5 – while Mother exited the room, I heard her say, “I was just supporting Sachin’s team”

On most days, such mania would drive me mad. Today, I’m happy Sachin’s team won.

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Soulberry said...

Nobody minded Sachin's team winning in my home either. Incidentally, Moher was supporting Sachin's team here as well.

Naked Cricket said...

That's incredible SB, and here I was thinking mine was a one in a million Dilli di Mummy Sachin supporter! Haha, but I guess it's the same across India. Who knew, MI was a well thot of branding.

Soulberry said...

Sachin still is an ideal beta, bhai, bhanja, bhatija, dost...maybe now he's also an ideal uncle or papa.