March 18, 2010

Not just Indians by name.

4 of Mumbai Indians’ top 5 batsmen are Indian – Sachin, Tare, Tiwari, Rayudu. Pollard, the million dollar baby comes in only at 6, Bravo at 7. And yeah, Jayasuriya is more Indian than Lankan now, or is he one of those guys who plays on two passports?

It’s odd coming from a Dilliwallah, but the dabbawallahs look as if they could be likable, in a patriotic sort of way. Time to make Manoj Kumar their frontman. SRK can always provide that. Will a spoof do?

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Som said...

Indians, 2 West Indians, a less-Lankan-more-Indian...I dmand Bharat ratna for Tendulkar!

Naked Cricket said...

Is there no bigger award in the country, I demand Sachin Ratna for Sachin