June 27, 2010

Made it.

If there was one cricket stadium in the world I had to get my hands on, it was this: At Dharamsala. Infiltrating into India from POK is easier, here they gave me the run-around like I was Yuvraj Singh. Once I sneaked in, the caterers told me I needed permission from Chauhan Sahb. Which is when I saw some workers walk through, I lifted a shovel and walked in myself. On my way out, the caterers pointed Chauhan sahb to me. I shouted my Namaste Chauhan Sahb! He waved back like I was Yuvraj Singh.

On Bored: Cricket in the heavens


Som said...

Wowww..this is good man! The place is awesome. PLayers can suspend the game for a moment and admire the Dhauladhar range hulking over the stadium. I ate the laddoo they distributed during Inzamam's birthday there. Haven't heard a similar birthday elsewhere. Anurag Thakur probably has 100 vices but this stadium washes all his sins.

Naked Cricket said...

Yeah, I remember yr post on Bored - http://www.boredcricketcrazyindians.com/2009/09/cricket-on-high-dharamsala.html

Lot more snow in the pic then, did you go in the 1900s sir?