June 29, 2010


The last few months have been rough following cricket. It’s been not so much watching cricket as taking the piss. It’s easier to do cartoons, ramble on; long time I wrote a cricket lyric, is there a lyric left in cricket? Modi’s been ideal for the toons, Pak’s politics too, and they both lend themselves to a page 2 format – which is what Bored Cricket Crazy Indians always was. But beyond the Pg 2 histrionics, you gotta have some real sport. If what we watch are cricket cartoons, then no toon we make can match up.

There’s a test series on in the Windies, not watching, but then nor are the players. Spare a thought for Robin Jackman and Ian Bishop, being paid is one thing, to be enthused as they are, is forgery beyond the call of duty.

In all this, thank god for England, more than beating Australia, it’s as if they beat themselves. You gotta keep looking, who knows, after the white ball, they’ll turn to a football.

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