December 21, 2009

Onions looks like a proper number eleven.

Before him there was Monty Panesar, he saved a test too. But he didn’t play the next one. Fat lot of good saving a test with the bat does for a bowler; good for Onions, he pocketed a four for, and two not outs. Trouble is, the not out won’t do much for him – he is not a batsman, at best, he could become a night watchman, or say, the second night watchman. That is, if Anderson falls before stumps, in you go Onions. Is that any good?

Of course, it will give Onions satisfaction. He will stay awake in bed, replaying his moment of glory. I would if I was Onions – maybe I would cry too, Dad, what kinda name is this?

It is newsworthy, prone to puns, but will they ever take him seriously? I often worry for the workhorses; look what they did to Hoggard, where are you now Mathew?

When Onions first appeared on the scene, I didn’t expect him to last long. 6 tests, 4 ODIs @27, not very promising for a quick bowler – stopgap at best, and when the next blonde fast bowling sensation comes, you’ll be benched.

It’s tough when your good is never good enough. Ask all the quicks that continue to sit out when the selectors feel like calling Ishant Sharma back.

Onions, how will you fight youth, flair and glamour – hope you do, cricket needs some hard work, why not start with the cricketers.

On Bored: Play the last session first


Gireesh Subramaniam said...

The thing about bowlers doing well with the bat and disappearing.I think ,gillespie's last innings was a double century against Bangladesh..Since he got more than ponting..Well....

harry said...

Here is more on names,from a county game :

Mustard c Pickles b Onions 16

Naked Cricket said...

Gireesh, mind was on Gilli's innings when I wrote this; took a lotta restraint not mentioning him.

Naked Cricket said...

Yeah Harry, that's a gem