May 28, 2009

Delhi to Barca.

Small talk about the IPL is not without peril, the other day when I initiated some with Tinku, the young insurance magnate, he asked me in all seriousness, “Bhaiya,maine suna hai aap IPL ki studies kar rahen hai” (Bro, I hear you're doing a study on the IPL?).

Tito, the Spanish Baba from the mountains returned to offer his condolences, “Sorry man, your team lost”. This was the day after the IPL finals, 3 days after Delhi’s ouster, but a polite sports fan and hooligan sportsman will go far in India. Look at Bhajji he just got airlifted by a helicopter in Jalandhar.

And then I find myself watching Barca amidst Catalan war cries, and I know the healing has begun.

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Anonymous said...

Nice one Gaurauv.

From Spanish Baba