November 24, 2009

Drop Harbhajan Singh five days at a time.

The Champions Trophy was a godsend for Indian cricket. Bhajji was dropped for a one day international, somehow replaced by Mishra. But unless Mishra knocked all ten and proved himself as an all-rounder, how could he take Bhajji’s place?

What, even Kumble couldn’t take Bhajji’s place – it was Bhajji who took Kumble’s place and then made it his own; the spinners’ spot was a rare family heirloom, handed down through generations.

There is a security cover on Bhajji; it extends beyond MSD and Sachin’s good wishes. It stretches beyond marketers. This cover protects him beyond lost form, from the promise of other spinners who threaten to outbowl him.

Now listen up Mishra, Ojha and Chawla: You can outbowl him, but you cannot replace him. Bhajji is a given. If you do not compete against his bowling, it will be his batting, his cheerleading, his hugs, Bhangara, drama, out of ideas, he will even sing Banarama.

Frankly the day Mishra took five at Mohali, I told myself, enjoy this, Indian cricket will ensure it doesn’t last. What little I saw of Ojha, I told myself the same.

Can you see Bhajji bowl, I refuse to now. Each time he bowls I see a corrupt nation stick its tongue out at me.

How else did he play six one day internationals against Australia after his Champions Trophy form? And when his so-called batting form evades him, he will make the team on some new quota.

Worse, I now doubt every Bhajji move, even though he moves well. That faulty reverse sweep against Murali, when India was nine down, and Mishra was more than holding his own, I have my views on that.

Just as you no doubt have yours; how MSD defends every below par Bhajji performance, their Hummers, newly forged business links – but look at it this way, we all love to play with friends.

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K said...

Ojha is sure to outbowl bhajji in Kanpur. But yet like a slap on our faces, he is sure to turn up in Mumbai ahead of Ojha or Mishra. And the selectors....what do they see in him?

Gaurav Sethi said...

With over 600 runs behind him, 3-4 close in fielders, who knows, even Bhajji may flight the ball.

scorpicity said...

It's a loosing cause. I harped often in the past on how the heat is not on Harby bowling way below his potential.

The problem is after a string of below par performances, just when you think... Aha, he is under the scanner... He comes up with a good one and sustains on that.

The actual reason though is both the think-tank and the selectors have a set mentality on this notion of having variety in type of spin.

They have traditionally played both a off spinner and a leggie for tests and often find the need to play two leggies instead of the offie, as preposterous in the name of lack of variety.

So there are the Piyush's, Ojha's, Mishra's, Nanda's and the Karthik's waiting and being wasted away in these limited opportunities on being able to play if the single leggie is required... One golden spot for life.

On the other hand, Harby survives due to the complete lack of bench strength in the offie department.

Pray there is only one Powar who was and is being treated very badly. Apart from these two, not many options and therefore harby is saved by the stiff lipped Indian think-tank policies and the lack of bench offie variety.

Funnily quite some time back, there was a young offie in the domestic circuit making waves and one look at him bowling got me shocked. He would have been disqualified even in a shot put competition and he is still playing the domestic leagues for his state!!

Now Dhoni is crazily or rather stupidly different because he prefers variety in pace over spin. Yet he plays!

Gaurav Sethi said...

scorpi, yeah, there's a mindset issue here. Frankly I prefer Powar to Bhajji, just that Powar let himself down with the bat in the few breaks he got - not that he got many. And of course, it's often an appearance thing in Ind cricket. Powar should go play for Bermuda, they'll appreciate him, all of him.

Do tell who is this shock spinner you speak of?

Tifosi Guy said...

As long as SRT remains in the team, Harbhajan WILL play. Wonder what SRT see's in this douchebag to stick up for him in Sydneygate, and henceforth.

I guess it will take Ajit Agarkar type consistently, inept, hopeless performance for a year before the axe falls on this guy. To see the long rope handed out to him is sickening.

Would've thought a sane bloke like MSD would call a spade a spade and literally ' chuck' this guy away. After the initial whiff of fresh air, MSD is slowly turning into a trademark Indian captain - wish he doesn't though !!

Late Inswing said...

TG- MSD *is* the trademark Indian captain.

Ojha - pity the kid. One bad spell in a t20 against Dwayne Bravo - and he gets dumped.
Mishra - similar returns like Bhajji in Ahdbd and gets dumped.

Bhajjis continued presence is the biggest con-job in Indian cricket
I guess they all play their part, MSD, Selectors, SRT, Shastri and others who call him a world class spinner.

As to Offie bench strength - Powar, R Ashwin??

That bowler with a more than slight kink in action - Mohnish Parmar methinks.

Purna said...

NC, I suggest you take over BCCI and drop him. It's the only way. I'll help.

straight point said...

that's why i am against too much powers given to captain as far as selection is concerned...


i hope harby being mumbai indian too don't have anything to do with it... ;-)