September 14, 2010

Mumbai Indians in a fix.

After losing their first game, Mumbai Indians gather for a private screening of MI (Mission Impossible). Prior to the screening, there’s an argument between the cricketers

Pollard: Awww Maaan, I already seen dat movie

Bhajji: Sachin has selected it Kiran…

Bravo: Can’t we see MI2 maan

Bhajji: Next Tiwary will say can’t we see MI in Hindi…

Tiwary: Can’t we see MI in Hindi…

Bhajji is exasperated and draws for his hand to slap someone, he flinches, twitches, is about to…when Sachin walks in…and with him a cool breeze..

Bhajji: Thank You Sachin for coming…we can’t decide on which version of MI to play

Sachin: Oh that…yeah, selection kept me awake at night.. I was thinking…(looks at Saurabh Tiwary)…ok, you wanna play?

Tiwary: Hindi version…

Sachin: Tiwary, we’ve been through this before…we can’t play a Hindi version…we have to play 4 foreigners…Pollard, what do you say?

Pollard: Awww man, I dunno…I was telling Bhajji, I’ve seen it all…

Sachin: Oh, you want a totally new version…an untried side because MI didn’t come off…Bravo??

Bravo: MI2 is cool with me Sach

Sachin: Bhajji, what do you say, MI or MI2?

Bhajji is going nuts, but he can’t insult or contradict Sachin – instead he slaps himself.

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Soulberry said...

I have a feeling Mallaiah's men and Ambunny's men might sign a trade agreement to allow the entry of at least one Indian company into the semi-finals. For that, they have to come to one common starting point...and they are now there.

The problem is, a foreign company may well toss aside these two so engrossed in their own selves.