October 23, 2010

Nohit Sharma's Guide to Goa.

There is so much more than playing cricket. Some of us are lucky enough not to be picked for the final eleven, and Garry sir is nice enough to tell us in advance so we can work on our extracurricular activities. Yesterday I caught a big fish at the shack. Then I caught some mussels rawa fry. After that I caught some calamari. For dessert, I caught a shrimp cocktail. Then I caught some sleep. When I woke up the boys were playing on my paunch. Then I caught a walk on the beach. Some kids were playing beach cricket. After signing autographs I was hungry again. I caught a big fish. Then I caught some mussels rawa fry.

It started to rain. I had to leave my meal midway. Lucky me, the boys were just going for dinner, and they insisted I join them for a bite. I caught a big fish.

I was only halfway through my fish and the boys had finished their meals. But they were sweet enough to wait for me. I thought it was rude to eat alone, so I decided to order room service.

In the room some of us played book cricket. I excused myself as room-service had delivered the rest of my meal. Some of the boys were still hungry so I shared my meal with them.

Later when nobody was looking I took off to the coffee shop. I caught a big fish.

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namya said...

I get confused between UV and Nohit now days.. Actually Nohit is the ODI version of UV in Tests..